How to Play

ScholarQuest is a simple trivia app for iPad: answer questions to move from tile to tile on the gameboard, find the key and unlock your way out!

Once you download our trivia app and begin the first level (Forest level), you can move the Scholar from tile to tile by swiping in the direction you want to travel – anywhere on the screen. Start answering trivia questions to earn Scholar Quest IQ points (ranked in gamecenter so that you can compete with your friends!) and keep you eye on the life chalice as you answer trivia questions. If you run low on life, do not forget to use a life potion life-line inside your trusty bag-of-tricks. The bag-of-tricks also provides other life-lines to help you answer the hardest trivia questions in our trivia app. Some of them are pretty hard!


Background to Our Unusual Trivia App – The Story of Scholar Quest: What Scientia Once Was . . . 

The land of Scientia was a place of harmony, where intellectual pursuits and discoveries of little bits of wisdom mingled joyously as if sparkles grazing the top of a wild river on a bright sunny  day. Then one day, something happened, something that is difficult to explain, but something that has surely happened many times throughout histories: seemingly out of nowhere, small dark shadows began to emerge. Over time, these tiny shadows grew larger and larger.

As time passed, they connected to create a large, dark and cold blanket over Scientia.Shadows became darkness, and darkness soon took on its usual and omnipresent form of ignorance. Within some time, the people of Scientia stopped communicating with each other, and then they stopped understanding each other.

Harmony was no more, intellectual pursuits became ill conceived attempts, and bits of wisdom became plain bits of paper  floating throughout, what was now, a cold and empty land. Answers became questions, and soon, even the most important questions were forgotten.

Then, ….came a girl with a book.

A girl of unbridled curiosity and a book of many questions. And I hope… no.. I know, that she will change … everything.

– Leonardo



✅ Thousands of trivia questions!

✅ Adventure with Da Vinci!

✅ Compete with friends!

✅ Find hidden keys!